Yoga Anatomy – Anatomical insight on the spine

Yoga Anatomy – Anatomical insight on the spine

Hello everyone, Jennilee here with a little anatomical insight about your spinal column.

It’s about 31-33 bones to the spine.

I have a friend who has about 35 bones.

And there are natural curves that you can see on this guy.

Natural curves to the spine.

These 2 curves here: your cervical and your lumbar are lordotic curves.

Your thoracic and sacrum tail both are kyphotic curves.

These curves mimic each other.

And in certain poses, you want to make sure that you are finding length and strength here also length and strength here.

If we tend to dump in the back of the neck in certain poses this will compromise what is actually happening here in the lower back as well.

We’ll see head hanging back also compressing into the lower back and in some poses where we actually want to find length and strength.

Find in the spinal column extension and then going back into depth.

Poses like Cobra, Upward Facing Dog, even Camel.

You want to find the length, then the arc supporting these 2 curves of your spine.

Also because this is a thoracic curve we can also use our shoulder blades to come together.

help the rib case forward and up.

Support the whole entire spine and the arc.

Thank you so much for this anatomical insight on the spine.