Understand Your Skin Type before Choosing Foundation Makeup

Understand Your Skin Type before Choosing Foundation Makeup

Many things can be used for our makeup. One of the important things is foundation makeup. Foundation is a skin colored makeup applied to the face to cover flaws, and it makes your face smooth. It also can make your makeup last longer. However, you should understand that there are so many kinds of foundation based on the skin types.

Skin Types Influence Your Foundation

There are many things to be done before choosing foundation makeup. Consider the skin type, test it before using, make a small research about the product, and ask for the advice are the tips before you decided to use some foundation products. One of the most important to do is considering your skin type. There are four basic skins. They are normal, dry, oily, and universal skin type. For all the skin type, you can use liquid for spray foundation. Both of them are commonly suitable for all skin types. Its liquid form makes it easy to be applied on your face. If you have a black spot on your face, you can give layers twice to cover it completely.

For normal skin, there are many suggestions in choosing foundation makeup. The sheer and stick foundation is a good choice. It gives you natural look. People would think that you don’t use any makeup. The sheer foundation will make your face stays fresh and oil-free. Also, stick foundation is the best choice to bring as it is very practical. However, you have to notice that this type of foundation only works well on normal skin. If you have dry skin, it is better for you not to use it. Stick foundation contains hard material that can be acne trigger.

For dry skin, there are three kinds of foundation makeup that can be used. They are oil-based, cream, and mousse foundation. As the name implies, the oil-based foundation is made of special oil that suitable for dry skin. It is not only good as a foundation but also moisturizes your skin. Shake before using it to make the whole ingredient mixed well. Moreover, the cream foundation is not purposed for daily use. You can use it for a formal event. It contains moisturizer that will make your face moist. The last but not least is mousse foundation. It will not be wed on your skin, so it is the right choice for those who have dry skin because it will make your skin moisturized.

For oily skin, matte and powder foundation are a good choice. Matte foundation makeup works very well to absorb oil on your face. This foundation will be fast-dry and practical. Powder one is also designed for oily skin. It is a composite of powder and foundation. It gives you thin layer and suitable for oily skin. But, for those who have dry skin, it is better for you not to use this foundation. So, which is your skin type? Be wise in choosing your product. Make sure that it really fits your face so that it won’t leave any bad effects.

source: theeeshablog.com