Tired of the Boring Cosmetic Makeup? It’s Time to Hack Them Away!

Tired of the Boring Cosmetic Makeup? It’s Time to Hack Them Away!

You may become rather bored with the usual and boring cosmetic makeup on the market. Despite all the combination colors and various kinds, makeups will most likely do you the same in very expected ways. However, why don’t you try something new? With the right steps, you can make your own makeups from daily tools, or you can even make some unexpected mixture and makeup combination from the old makeup tools around. Do you dare to expect the unexpected? This exciting guide will tell you how to commence life hack for cheap and fun cosmetic variation!

Life-Changing Makeup Hack for Win-Win Solution

  1. Gel formula from an eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner becomes a staple for cosmetic makeup, and you should probably have one or few. Applying it to the face can be rather boring and it takes a while to actually reveal the suitable gradation color. If you’re tired with those traits, it’s time to transform the slow and ineffective pencil eyeliner into a gel formula! For a deeper and more colorful impact, burn the tip of the pencil for a second and cool it down for 15 seconds. And now, the homemade gel liner of yours will create a smudgy line, unlike the usual one.

  1. Spoon the wing liner

It may sound ridiculous when people don’t buy wing liner. But sometimes, the price itself is not a joke. For a cheap solution and similarly awesome result, doing wing lining can be done with a very common dining utensil: Spoon. With a simple spoon, hold the stem against the outer corner and draw a straight line as the first cat-eye step of yours. Once you’ve done that, flip the spoon in order for it to hug the eyelid, and the rounded outer edge will be utilized for a majestic effect of curved winged—all with the help of a simple spoon! Replacing your usual cosmetic makeup for this fun tool can cause the explosive and exciting result, indeed.

  1. Spoon to avoid mascara mark

Again, spoon shall be the main hero of the cosmetic makeup. This time, it will sweep away any spilled mascara on your face. Of course, the first step in doing it is to hold down the spoon, making it hugging the eyelid of yours. Now, the time has come to apply the mascara normally. After you’ve applied it, the mascara wand will be swept against the back of the spoon and the lashes. During this process, the residue of the mascara will stay put and coat the back part of the spoon, instead of your skin. This truly saves your skin from so many troubles mascara can cause.

  1. Blot the face grossly

This is not exactly the way it seems. Although toilet seat covers may sound gross to use, they have a similar texture with blotting papers to remove excess oil from your face. So yeah, in a tight situation, whenever you’re in the bathroom, grab away the covers and sweep away the oil to clear up your skin even more.

Unique cosmetic makeup hacks can save you countless times in some unexpected ways. If you dare to try the thrill and excitement of these tips, prepare for a fun makeup time!