Tips in Choosing Safe Cosmetics

Tips in Choosing Safe Cosmetics

Are you using cosmetics in your daily activities? In fact, it is important to sustain the beauty, moreover for a woman.  Furthermore, it is used to enhance the appearance of the human body. There are so many makeup variants nowadays, of course with their own quality. As information, cosmetic is the mixture of chemical compounds, some being derived from natural sources and some synthetics. They are intended to be applied externally. In addition, we can apply them as lotion, lipstick, cream, gel, hand sanitizer, deodorant, and much more.

Pay Attention on 6 Tips in Choosing Cosmetics

It is confusing enough for a woman to choose the right products. The chemical-based product will give the satisfaction result in short-term usage, but it also gives very bad effects for long-term usage. To overcome the probability of bad effects, it is important for us to know how to choose the safe cosmetics products. Here are six simple tips to choose the best ones.

  1. Make a research about the brand

If you are going to use some makeup, it is important for you to ask the beauty expert about the products. Another way, you can search it on the internet and read many testimonies. By doing this tips, you will able to know the description of the products.

  1. Read the ingredients of the cosmetics

Ingredients are very important thing should be considered in choosing makeup. Make sure that it is free from mercury, hydroquinone, and much more. Mercury is very dangerous for the body. It can cause irritation, black spots even the disease of lungs, kidney, and brain. Some of the brands provide the customer care in the outlet or via call. We can look for the ingredients of the product.

  1. Have expiry date

The expiry date is when something which lasts for a fixed length of time comes to an end or stops being in use. It will be dangerous if you use it after the expiry date. You have to be careful if your product doesn’t give any information about that thing.

  1. Use the only registered product

Registered products mean that they are passing the safe criteria to be used. Internationally, safe cosmetics products have ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificate. ISO 2276 is now used as regulators in several countries under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regime. To get ISO 22716 certificate, the products should have good manufacturing, packaging, testing, etc.

  1. Put the name of factory and the address

Legal products should have a clear name of the factory and its address. Check both things on the internet to make sure that they are real.

  1. Halal label

As you know for most of the Muslim, halal is the first thing in buying something, including makeup. The halal label means that some products had passed the inspection. It means that they are safe and healthy.

Are you still ignoring those things in selecting cosmetics products? You had better think twice as those products are like an investment in your life. Choose the best ones.