Skin Hair Mask Made by Natural Fruits at Home

Skin Hair Mask Made by Natural Fruits at Home

Women love to have the beautiful skin and hair because it could let them feel much more confidence than ever. There are most of them go to beauty salon just for having the healthier skin and hair as well. If you would like to know about skin hair treatment you could do at home, basically you could do so many variants of natural treatment simply at home without going anywhere. It is important for you to know that healthy and delicious fruits you often see near you actually could be the main healthy and natural remedies. In addition, you could make them as fresh and natural homemade mask to apply on your skin and hair at once.

Skin Hair Mask you could Make Simply from Fresh Delicious Fruits

You can get the right skin hair treatment not only from beauty salons. If you know the right steps to do, you are able to give the right skin and hair care at home without being overwhelmed at all. There are the widely selections of healthy and fresh delicious fruits near you that basically could be taken as the great natural remedies for your skin and hair perfectly. Well, which fruits you could make into skin and hair mask, then?

  1. Avocado

If you used to choose avocado to be made as delicious and tasty natural juice, now you should know that avocado also could be made into great formulated skin hair mask that would make your skin and hair becomes healthier and well maintained as you want them to be. Nutrients and vitamins contained by avocado truly have great formula to moisturize your dry skin and hair perfectly. Mashed avocado and mix it with honey, then spread over on your face and hair. Let them be until 15 minutes, then clean it up using facial foam and shampoo.

  1. Strawberry

Who does not love this lovely small red fruits? Most of people love strawberry. Besides it has fresh and delicious taste, strawberry also contains all best natural substances for the healthier skin and hair as well such as vitamin A, C, and E which needed most by hair and skin to always stay fit. No wonder this fruit even could be made into skin hair mask. You need to mash several pieces of strawberries then mix it together with virgin coconut oil. Moreover, apply it to your face and hair as natural healthy mask.

  1. Banana

If you love eating banana as your dietary meals and you used to take it at night when getting hungry because it will not let you overweight, now you also know that this tasty fruit even could be made into great natural skin hair mask. Vitamins and nutrients contained by banana have the great formula to give the right treatment for damaged skin and hair. It also will moisturize your hair and skin appropriately. Combine the mashed banana with olive oil. Put it on your skin and hair around 15 minutes and rinse them up.