Simple Things as Your Natural Skin Care

Simple Things as Your Natural Skin Care

Skin is one of the important parts of the body. We do many activities in our daily life. We can run, work, play, cook, and do many other activities. However, all that stuff makes our skin wet. Therefore, if we do outdoor activities, the sun will make our skin black, pallid and unhealthy. This article will guide you to get your own natural skin care.

Get Your Natural Skin Care at Home

Don’t worry about being old and pale. Nowadays, there are many treatments for skin care solutions. We can use laser treatment, chemical, even plastic surgery. However, those ways give us bad effects in the future. Chemical, for example, it may give effect to our body for long term usage. Some of the chemicals also can be linked to irritation, birth defects, and even infertility. So, which is better way to treat our skin? Is it chemical or natural skin care?

God has created the earth with all its functions. Earth has beautiful scenery and contains the natural medical. We can use it to treat many diseases. It is also well-worked as a skin treatment. Natural skin care commonly uses cream or lotion made of ingredients available in nature. It includes herbs, roots, flowers, and essential oils. Moreover, some use animal substances. These stuffs are commonly combined with various essences.

The anxiety of using natural skin care is rapidly growth. As we see, there are many personal skin care specialist in every place with many different services. Clinical and laboratory have studied that many natural ingredients have potential beneficial activities for skin care. The base thing is, some natural product may be harmful either to the skin or systemically. It is very important to be careful if you have an allergy to some substance.

Here are natural materials that can be your natural skin care solution. You can use it as a masker, scrub, or consume it directly.

  1. Lemon

Lemon is well known containing vitamin C. It can be dense up our skin pore. The use of lemon also can make our skin to be smooth and shiny. It is very easy to have it as a natural skin treatment. First, cut it into two pieces. Press it to get the water. Spread the lemon water in our face. Wait for view minutes then clean your face with warm water. As the last step, clean your face with cool water. Feel the difference.

  1. Bengkoang

Bengkoang (Pachyrhizus erosus) is well-known can whiten up our skin. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, folate, and many minerals. First, you need to rasp it to get the essence. Let it precipitate and pour the water out. Now, you can use this fruit essence to your body.

  1. Yoghurt

Yoghurt contains phosphor, vitamin B1, vitamin C, and much more. It will keep your skin moist. Moreover, it can be another option as your natural skin care. As an exfoliator, yoghurt can remove your dead skin cell. You can also use it as a lotion. The mixture between yoghurt and honey is a good option as face masker. If you don’t have much time, you can consume it as dessert. Let it work from inside. Happy trying!

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