Very Simple Steps Makeup Tutorial

Very Simple Steps Makeup Tutorial

Do men need makeup? Does it decrease masculinity? These questions always asked by men all over the world. Find the answer in this article. Read for a complete answer. In fact, many things should be noticed for an attractive appearance. Clothes, hairstyle, shoes, even cosmetics are things to be seen. For a woman, cosmetic is becoming a premier priority. How about men?

Basics Thing You Should Know Before Applying Make Up

Actually, men need it too. However, the way they apply makeup is very different. Before discussing more about this matter, you have to know the most common face problems. The first is dark eye-bag. It appears if you didn’t get enough sleep. Sleep well and use concealer is the best solutions for dark eye-bag. The second is spots and freckles that may come after acne. It might happen because of hormonal disruption. You can use facial creams and face masks to deal with it. Moreover, use concealer to cover them. The third is bacteria that cause acne. Keep your face clean every time and do not forget to use masker to prevent the dust clings on your face. The fourth is dry skin. It might come from sunlight radiation. Additionally, it is the signal that your body lacks water. Use moisturizer to keep it moist and drink more water.

After knowing the face basic problems, now you understand how to keep your skin health. As mentioned above, scroll down to find out the right simple makeup tutorial, bot for women and men.

  1. Clean your face

The first step is by cleaning up your face. Do it with your face wash that fits to your skin type.

  1. Apply moisturizer

Use a moisturizer with a sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 or higher. It will protect you from the sun. Rub it into your face and neck. Leave on until it is absorbed into your skin.

  1. Use toner

Wet a cotton ball with toner. Pat, it on your skin lightly. Toner can restore natural skin pH, and it also removes any dirt and dry skin cells.

  1. Use concealer

Use concealer to cover your eye-bag, nose, and secret area. Concealer can hide dark circles. Use the sponge to average it. Make sure the edges are blended well. If you have lots areas to be covered, use liquid foundation as your basic makeup.

  1. Use powder

Use it as close as possible to your skin tone. Pat the powder gently over every area where you used concealer to dim it. Then, pay attention to your forehead, nose, and chin. Those parts are the oiliest in most people.

  1. Apply lip balm

Lip balm keeps your lips moist, smooth, and cheap. Choose the neutral-colored lip balm.

  1. Use gel or wax

For men, the wax will make your hair easily to be formed. You can try a new hairstyle every day to create a new look.

  1. Remove the cosmetics

If you are done with your day, remove your cosmetic. Sleep, while it is on your face, is not good for your skin. Wash your face gently with your face wash products, and then apply moisturizer to your face.

Now, you know how to apply simple and basic makeup for men and women. Try it at home and see the difference. You will be amazed by the result.