An Open Hand and Body for Healthy Food

An Open Hand and Body for Healthy Food

How important is food to your whole body? Surely, this is a very nonsense question, because every living creature requires a source of energy, and one of the effective ways is to consume it. However ridiculous it is, many people actually neglect the importance of the food itself. Healthy food is not something you can simply ignore or forget because you are what you eat—or so they say. Consuming foods that lack nutrition will only turn the body into a living sack of garbage. If you are still unsure about the importance, read on and see it yourself!

Tell the Healthy Food What You Really, Really Want

The body wants to stay fit and perfect. Nutrition for the perfect health and wonderful outlook can only be gained from nutritious foods, and of course, healthy food is the primary example you can find everywhere. By doing so, immunity system inside the body can be strengthened, as you consume nutritious dishes that will keep you happy, perfectly shaped, and simply awesome. If you are still unsure about what to consume, here are the top 3 foods of the choice!

  1. Lemon party

When life gives you a lemon, kick it away and take the lemon. Why? This citrus fruit contains over 100% of your daily vitamin C needs in order to strengthen structural bones and maintain HDL cholesterol level. It’s also a fun fruit in which you can customize the consumption ways to your liking! The acidic flavor gives away a very fresh sensation to lift away the salty face of yours. With many other benefits and various ways of consumption, it’s time for life to give more lemons!

  1. Who wants to be a potato?

Potato is simply adorable and amazingly healthy. For a common food ingredient, this healthy food can bring about 66 micrograms of folate, which can be compared to a spinach or broccoli, two of the most hated vegetables. But who can resist potato? Besides being healthy and cute, it is always a fun thing to tweak the potato to your liking. Because of its nature, the texture of potato varies depending on how you cook it. You can make it soft and juicy by boiling or steaming it with some additional touches. Frying it deep is also an effective way to make some crispy and dry potato chips or potato fries.

  1. Chocolate!

Sweet things are sweet, and chocolate is no exception. Being sweet and popular, chocolate has been famous as a stress-relieving healthy food—if you know the proper amount of consumption, that is. Furthermore, a dark chocolate has more flavonoids than the other chocolates, and this can help you in reducing the LDL cholesterol level and increasing the HDL cholesterol level.

And that’s the end of that. While the top healthy food list above can benefit you greatly, there are still plenty of nutritious foods for your daily consumption. By remembering the importance of wonderfully nutritious foods, the optimal health condition and wonderful appearance are now simply two problems of the past.

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