One Glass Before Bed for Slimmer Belly

One Glass Before Bed for Slimmer Belly

There’s nothing good with a big belly. Those fats make us look ugly and come with health risks too. Like it or not, this is a common issue for many people these days. With bigger pressure at work and unhealthy lifestyle, no wonder we are dealing with overweight. It is obvious that everyone wants to have slim fat abs and it must be started with eliminating the excessive fats on the belly. It takes a big effort indeed but doesn’t forget there are small things that could really help.

Among those small things is this special drink recipe. This drink is made from fresh ingredients you can easily find near your place. Even there’s a big chance you already have it in the kitchen fridge. It is highly recommended to consume this drink within two hours before you go to bed as the formula is designed to help improving body metabolism while you are sleeping. So, what’s so special about this drink?

Let’s get to know the ingredients first. For one serving, you will need:

  1. a whole apple,
  2. a handful of spinach,
  3. a half cup of pineapple chunks,
  4. eight mint leaves,
  5. and the third glass of water.

Use your juicer to process and mix all ingredients into a glass of healthy juice with amazing benefits.

From those ingredients, you’ll get rich of antioxidant, plenty of fiber, and other essential nutrients. The combination of those elements will help to improve the metabolism rate. It also helps cleanse liver and digestion system. As the result, your body will absorb more nutrients and burns fatter. Regular consumption of this amazing juice will make you feel healthier with even stronger stamina. More fats on the belly are burned and combined with the right diet management and workout program, you will be surprised with the effective result.