Natural Skin Care Tips without Any Supplements Involved

Natural Skin Care Tips without Any Supplements Involved

Natural skin care tips below will give information how to get healthy skin without using any supplements or harmful medication. In a modern day, people want everything to be done instantly. Maintaining healthy skin care by using supplement or medication is considered as instant way of getting healthy condition. However, both supplement and medication consumed are made out of chemical substances. Those might potentially bring dangerous side effects on human health. Although your skin looks healthier after consuming certain products, but the other part of body, such as liver might in trouble due to the excessive chemical substances consumption. Here are several tips on how to maintain healthy skin with no side effects at all.

Natural Skin Care Tips Recommended by Dermatologist

The first point in natural skin care tips is by consuming healthy foods. Finding them might be tricky since junk food is easier to find. Most experts recommend consuming both vegetable and fruit. Nutrients contained on those foods are able to promote healthy condition for the skin cells. In order to repair the condition, skin cells require several types of vitamin such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. As the outer part of human body, skin cells are the first line of defense against radiations, free radicals, and pollutants. Skin cells might be damaged if exposed by those harmful things. Fortunately, sufficient supply of nutrients will be able to regain the skin cells health.

As mentioned before, radiation is also a source of damaged skin cells. Ultra violet of sun ray is a biggest threat to human skin. It is able to make the skin dry and loss its moisture. The next natural skin care tips you should know are related to this matter. Various medication and supplement products are available in the market these days. Those medications are able to repair damaged cells. Despite its capability to heal instantly, taking medication without doctor prescription is not recommended. Alternatively, you can try healthier and safer way. Consuming up to ten glass of water every day is the best way to hydrate skin cells. Compared to the medication that might able to heal faster, consuming sufficient amount of water is able to prevent skin from drying.

Besides water consumption, good blood circulation is also a part of natural skin care tips. Blood plays important role as transportation vessel that delivers nutrients to all parts of body, including skin cells. With good blood circulation, skin cells will get all types of nutrients it needs. In order to get good blood circulation, you need to exercise. Exercise is a method that can be used to improve cardiovascular function. If human heart is able to work properly, blood stream will flow normally without any problems. Most people who do regularly exercise will have the better skin condition compared to those who don’t.

In order to get healthy skin condition, consuming supplement and medication is not recommended. However, in the market you will be able to find natural medications. Those are made out of certain plants extract without any additional chemical substance. Therefore, it is safe to consume them. Supplement products of sunflower extract that’s rich of Vitamin E is a good example of it. If you still hesitate to consume medications, you can still rely on natural skin care tips listed on previous explanation.