Natural Makeup for Sweet Engagement Day

Natural Makeup for Sweet Engagement Day

Who does not feel happy on the engagement day? It could be a special day for women. They must want to look wonderful on that moment. If you also would be engaged shortly, you might be busy start now on to prepare the incredible day, right? Natural makeup for that day actually could be a great reference for you to have a lovely look through a pure beauty. Some women sometimes prefer to choose the lovely casual look even in such formal occasion. If you are one of them, why don’t you make it comes true?

Natural Makeup with Brown and Peach Color Gradation

The power of makeup sometimes could be the main secret of women to have much better performance. No wonder if there are some of them who dare to cover their face with challenging makeup color gradation to have such significant different look than they used to be. However, for you who categorized as some of the women who love performing the pure beauty through natural makeup, which color gradation you shall put on on the engagement day, by the way?

If you want to show off your natural beauty, but at the same time you also want to look a bit special than usual, the combination of brown and peach could be the perfect color gradation of natural makeup to pick on. Just cover your eyes with soft gold, dark brown and bright brown as the color of your eyes shadow. For the blush on, it could be nice to put on soft peach for your chick, and for the lips color, it will be great to be combined with soft sweet orange. Here it is the step by step guidance so that you could do it on your own at home simply.

As the first move, do not forget to use foundation on your face to remove any black spots so that it will look clear and smooth. Since it is related to show off your beauty during the engagement day, pick two-way cake compact powders. It would be lasting longer even you are sweating during the day. The next move to do is wearing soft lens if necessary which of course in suitable color to be combined with brown and peach.

Principally, green or purple colored soft lens will be fine. And now, it’s the time to start playing with the main part of putting on the natural makeup using brown and peach gradation. Brush the bright brown eye shadow on the eyelid near your eyelashes and brush the dark brown eyes shadow on the outer edge up to the center eyelid. Don’t forget to make sure those two colors are swept smoothly using your bare finger. And then, start applying the soft gold eyes shadow on the upper eyelid near your eyebrow.

For a final touch of this natural makeup style, sharpen the frame of your eyes using black eyeliner. Next, draw a bit thick line and beautify your eyelashes using double step mascara to make it look longer. Therefore, it would be no necessary to use false eyelashes. As an addition, style your hair in a half braided bun.