Natural Beauty Tips You Should Apply on Your Life

Natural Beauty Tips You Should Apply on Your Life

Every woman surely wants to have a perfect appearance. However, are there any simple and cheap natural beauty tips? Most of the people said that to be beautiful is expensive. It seems like we need to spend lots of money to get our beauty. Don’t strictly believe it. You can make your own beauty from very simple things. Follow these five very simple below.

Practical and Simple Natural Beauty Tips

  1. Be happy

Being angry will take away your beauty. Be happy wherever you are. If you are happy, your body would be healthy. So, enjoy every moment in your life and life happily.

  1. Choose the right to make up

It is one of the most important natural beauty tips. Don’t use too much makeup on your face. Just be the real you. Wearing less makeup makes you look younger. Choose makeup style that is appropriate with your age. Make sure that it is the natural-based product. As you know, too much chemical will make your face look older.

  1. Make your natural treatments

You can make natural skin treatments with natural materials. First, make your hair shiny. Mix one egg and mashed up banana. Use it to your hair and wait for 10-20 minutes. Wash it with fresh water. Look! You won’t believe the result. It’s like the professional treatment in the expensive salon. Second, make a simple face mask. Use a tablespoon or more raw honey. Spread it on your face using your fingers. Leave on for 5 minutes or more. Rinse your face using warm water. Now, you can see the function of honey on your face. Try these natural beauty tips and you will believe.

Third, make your own body scrub. There are two options you can do. Use olive oil or bengkoang essence. Here are the steps to make it. Rub olive oil or bengkoang essence into a whole of your body. Rub it gently. If you can’t do it by yourself, call your friend. After having it, leave on for 10 till 15 minutes. Then, rinse your body using warm water. Whoila! Your body is getting softer and brighter.

  1. Doing physical exercise

Exercise is one of the best natural beauty tips.  You can jog or run every morning before working. If you are getting busy, it is okay to do it once a week. Doing sport in the morning will make your body healthy. You can get much fresh air that is excellent for your lungs. In addition, morning sunlight will give you much vitamin D that is doing well for our skin and bones.

  1. Drink more water

Water helps your body to carry the nutrients, regulate body temperature, and detoxified the toxic. It will keep your skin moist. Therefore, you will stay fresh and beautiful. Drink at least eight glasses water every single day.

Those are 5 very simple natural beauty tips. You might try it at home easily. Are you still thinking that to be beautiful is expensive? Think it twice.

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