Natural Beauty Care for Hair and Skin

Natural Beauty Care for Hair and Skin

Utmost beauty and healthy condition is a long way and no shortcut. Those words seem true because being beautiful requires time and effort. You can try natural beauty care and avoid the chemical based product. Research showed that women spend much money in beauty products and market grows significantly every year. The quick and impressive result is what company offers to customers and it keeps them for buying the product over and over again. The problem is about the safety of the ingredient. Majority of beauty and health care uses extensive chemical compound. The result is great at short time, but it can be dangerous in long-term utilization. In this article, you can start to replace every chemical product with natural ingredient.

Getting Ready to Apply Natural Beauty Care

Two aspects to make you look beautiful are skin and hair. Bright and soft skin is what women want the most. Hair is treated as crown to show your radiant personality and figure. Simple ingredient in natural beauty care is Aloe Vera. People used this plant for hair treatment since many years ago. Many hair products put Aloe Vera as the main ingredient, but you have to take notice about the additional components. Take Aloe Vera and crush it until you get the juicy texture. Pour hot water and mix it slowly. Use this formula as your shampoo in the morning. Applying this treatment three or four times a week will give you an excellent result.

Olive oil is good for skin and hair. It contains the special element to strengthen hair and keep the skin moisturized. For skin treatment, you can put olive oil directly on the skin. Spread it evenly then massage your skin gently. Wait for fifteen to twenty minutes then wash it with warm water. Take this procedure any time when you feel uncomfortable with certain part of skin. Another good ingredient in natural beauty care is coconut oil.

Moreover, honey is popular as healthy ingredient. It has many functions and becomes the part of many beauty products. You can easily find honey at store with various qualities. It will be better to buy it directly from the honey farm to make sure about the quality. Heat honey and lemon juice until slightly warm. Mix them together slowly and wait until a little bit cold. This liquid is good for skin, face, and hair. You just put on the skin or use it as a mask for the face. You can add olive oil or coconut oil to enhance the capability.

Basically, fruits are the safest natural beauty care. You can use orange juice to wash the skin from dirt. Fruits help to increase the beauty and healthy aspect from two ways; external and internal. External usage can be seen when you pour fruits, such as papaya, on the skin or face directly.  Another way is internal as foods. Diet program will take fruits as major source of nutrients for the body. When your body is in a good condition, the effect can be seen from outside. Controlling food intake with fruits is the essential part to make you healthier.

The last ingredient is a dairy product. Milk and yogurt are not only good for beverage but also external treatment. Combine milk and honey as natural beauty care for skin and face. Before using milk, make sure it is in fresh condition to prevent the unwanted risk. Meanwhile, yogurt can be applied for hair treatment.