Modern Lifestyle – Hatha Yoga for People. How to begin Practicing Hatha Yoga Poses? New Yoga Trend!

Modern Lifestyle – Hatha Yoga for People. How to begin Practicing Hatha Yoga Poses? New Yoga Trend!

Hello, my name is Yogini Rasa, and I’m certified Open Yoga teacher.

We meet on the site This material is for the International Open Yoga University, that is giving the knowledge of yoga to all people who are willing to learn yoga step-by-step. We are on the level of hatha yoga, and we are proceeding to the next part. And let’s take a look at the modern lifestyle and how well yoga fits in this lifestyle and maybe some preferences, some positive impacts of this teaching. So have you heard about any person around you who is practicing yoga? Oh, you have tried yoga!? This is good! Excellent! Anybody else? Of course, thousands of people, millions of people are practicing yoga – managers, homemakers, engineers and so on.

They are practicing yoga quite a lot. Girls, boys from many different races, genders, and ages. Starting from kids up to seniors and all of them are benefiting from this teaching. This is something very ancient that has come to our life from 5,000 years old past. These numbers vary, but the thing is (what we like) that hatha yoga is giving fast results.

Wherever we want to do, we want to do it fast. Our life seems faster. We are not expecting slow results. I want to have the quick results from you 🙂 There is a particular catch in all of this.

This is when we’re talking about whether we are practicing the same yoga that people practiced before? Do we understand yoga in the same way as it was then? Do we work on the preservation of yoga or the popularity of yoga? If it’s popular, it gives money.

If we work on preservation – it’s education. Education gives less profit in the form of the money. However, when it comes to effects and results than the preservation and education is giving far better benefits than fast return (from popularity) in the form of money.

That’s the same with the yoga – if you are striving for the goal like “I will do yoga for 2-months, and then I forget about it! I just need to lose weight, or I’ll get rid of my back pain or become more attractive!” We do not know much about ancient times.

When reading ancient texts, it gets very difficult to understand yoga. Thereby popular or modern authors write books about yoga today. There is the difference between what it used to be before and what it is now. Of course, if we talk about hatha yoga we can use the same poses, and they are very beneficial because the ancient wise men who have left yoga know-how to us, had to sit for a very long time like that’s what we do now.

We have exchanged more physical work with more mental work, and that brings a lack of movement and gives more mental stress because there are a lot of things what we need to do. We go in one of the extremes – but we need balance It is very fragile. Changes don’t happen in one day because there’s still something left from the past.

We also have a lot of habits that we are not aware of. We may say that we are free people, we go where we want, we do what we want. However, there are some habits that we are not aware off, or we think that is our will However there is some old-fashioned habit that we are sticking to. It’s like cheese.

There’s a surface level on the cheese while getting ready (maturing) there is a lot of unpleasant molds, and you need to clear it off. Often we associate ourselves with this cheese. We associate ourselves with this “mold” (old habits), and it’s painful to get this mold off. So we need to find this wonderful balance. We need to be able to react; we have to find out what we really want and where we want to go.

Ancient yogis had the same problem due to lack movement and concentrating a lot on trying to understand how the Universe is built and what they need to do, where is human in this all system, we have a pretty much the same things.

In that matter, our world has not changed a lot, but in other ways, we would say: “Yes, the world is completely different” And between two generations the distance becomes bigger and bigger. Thereby sometimes parents find it difficult to communicate with they children. We don’t need much for exploring ourselves; we need practice.

When the child is born you see the child is taking a look at the fingers, trying everything to put in the mouth, try if this tasty or not, does it work or not Sometimes it’s pretty disgusting, and they will split it out! Sometimes we are like “Oh! What are you trying to do?!” In hatha yoga it’s supposed to be the same, you just play with the pose You try to kind of get back to yourself and understanding yourself better So practice and you get more clever.

Remember last time we talked about the benefits given by hatha yoga to people. There are a lot of them. There are physical health, mental health, intellect, creativity, and superpowers, too. Seems so simple – you do just very simple poses. That’s why due to these big results and sometimes people like to demonstrate them yoga gets very popular.

You don’t need much knowledge. You just need to do something The catch is doing (practicing)! Because regular practice of something over and over and especially when the things get better for some time and you get some surplus for specific time you say “Oh I came here and my back was not feeling very well, I did some practice for the abdomen and strengthening back muscles for few months and then do some reason I left the practice And you feel that you seemingly have more energy because you not practicing (spending energy) but after about a month you notice “Oh my back, I have a back” It starts reminding about itself.

So there are some things to think about why people say “Oh it worked for some time, but then again something didn’t go well” It’s important for you to find your rhythm, the way you want to do it.

And start working for yourself, getting rid of what you have in excess and fill up shortages This is that way we were talking about the balance. You need to balance whatever is happening in your life. Thereby check the test if you have successfully managed to review this material, read the text and I will see you at the next class with Yogini Rasa.

Goodbye !.