A Meal Plan for Healthy Skin Diet

A Meal Plan for Healthy Skin Diet

Consuming good nutrition will give huge impact not only for your inner, but also outer. Most of you may think only how these foods affect to your body’s weight, but actually they have the main role for your healthy skin, too. Keep continue on your reading, you may be surprised that some foods you avoid give you a better result on skin diet.

Foods for Healthy Skin Diet

Cut down on sugar intake. For your information, sugar reacts with collagen which makes collagen fibers to deteriorate. Therefore, less sugar consumption is a healthy skin diet to get the better skin result. Fructose (found in fruits) has a higher capacity than glucose to form AGEs. Many natural sweeteners should be lessened such as tropical fruits, fruit juices, dried fruit and honey which contain high fructose levels. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame must also be avoided. It is not only because of their chemical substances, but it also deals with obesity and diabetes.

In addition, consuming more healthy fat is another healthy skin diet. One important thing to the body and skin we need for long-term health is fat. Studies show that consuming extra fat makes your skin to be more elastic and it will reduce wrinkles. Unsaturated fats in olive oil, avocado, and peanut oil are good for your health. Moreover, unsaturated fats are a vital part of your human body and skin. However, unsaturated vegetable seed oils such as sunflower seed contain fatty acids and omega 6 that cause inflammation. Therefore, instead of reducing vegetable seed oils that are rich of omega-6, you better consume unsaturated fats. Furthermore, egg consumption is also good. As information, cholesterol is a fundamental component of your skin and it is also required to produce hormones and vitamin D.

You should reduce wheat and flour intake for your healthy skin diet. Many people believe that diet of grain is good for health. However, carbohydrates in oaths contain sugar molecules. Once ingested, your bodies break down the starch into sugars to be used or stored as fat. So, reduce your intake of wheat and flour including bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. Instead, you can eat almonds, coconut flour for cakes, cauliflower shredded and olive oil fried for a while.

To gain a healthy skin diet, you need to consume plenty of vegetables. It is recommended that two-thirds portion of the food in your plate is vegetables. As you know, fibrous vegetables are a healthy food. High intake of vegetables can reduce the skin wrinkles, make the skin better, and reduce the risk of any chronic diseases like cancer. Vegetables also contain a lot of fiber and antioxidants. However, make sure to lessen starchy vegetables because it can provide a surprising effect on blood sugar levels. Fruit choice which is good for consumption is berry because it is low in sugar and high in antioxidants.

The last but not least healthy skin diet tip is drinking mineral water as it makes you younger. You should drink a lot of green or white tea, which is rich in antioxidants. It can nourish the skin and body. Still, reducing the fruit juice and milk because they can increase insulin levels due to the sugar content. You can replace it with cow’s milk with unsweetened almond.