Makeup Looks Guidance for Vintage Style

Makeup Looks Guidance for Vintage Style

Every woman basically has her own specific style in performing who she really is. There are widely styles that adopted by women today start from feminine, boyish, elegant, sophisticatedly modern, until the vintage style. Yes, there are women out there who love performing vintage style even in this modern era. Well, which makeup looks that could be suitable for the vintage style, then?

Makeup Looks Guidance Adopted by Marilyn Monroe’s Style

When talking about vintage style, most women must directly remember of Marilyn Monroe, who is the famous actress, singer, and model in the 50’s. She has been the icon of vintage style up to now in this sophisticated era even she already passed away in 1962. No wonder that most women all over the world who love vintage style often choose Monroe’s style to be adopted. If you one of those women who truly love the vintage style as one of the expressions to show who you are, of course, you also would like to know the right vintage makeup looks guidance at the same way, wouldn’t you?

The vintage makeup looks of Marilyn Monroe could be adopted naturally, and it is also appropriate to be chosen as the right style for formal occasions. So, if you, fortunately, love the vintage touch and at the same time, you plan to go out attending such formal party, adopting the vintage style of Monroe’s could be the suitable one. Well, let’s get started to discuss step by step of adopting vintage style start from the makeup until hair does.

For doing vintage and retro makeup looks like Monroe’s; basically, it would not bother you at all because all you need is only several cosmetic products which detailed as follows:

  • Eyeshadows in dark grey, bright grey, and bright brown
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil in suitable color according to your hair
  • Dark peach (nearly to pinkish bright brown) colored blush on
  • Bright, sexy red colored lipstick

After collected that cosmetic stuff above, let’s begin applying Monroe’s makeup looks start with the eyeshadows for creating the beautiful vintage eyes look. Start spread over the bright grey eyeshadow on the eyelid near your eyelashes then combine it using dark grey eyeshadow exactly on the upper area where you put on the bright grey earlier. Moreover, apply the bright brown eyeshadow on the top of your eyelid (near the eyebrow). Gently rub those three colored eye shadows using a bare finger to make them gradated perfectly. Now, it’s your time to play with the eyeliner. Use black eyeliner to create thick cat eye look on the top area of your eye. Then, draw the beautiful eyebrow according to your own favorite style.

As the finishing touch of makeup looks, put on the dark peach blush on for your cheek, and cover your sexy lips using sensual bright red colored lipstick. After all, make vintage makeup be perfect with the combination of floating wavy hairstyle using big barrel curling iron. Now, you truly look like Marilyn Monroe wannabe!