Makeup Brushes Set for Beginners

Makeup Brushes Set for Beginners

How many brushes do you have? Do you know that you can create good makeup only using five brushes? These kinds of stuff play important roles in makeup application. There are so many kinds of makeup brushes nowadays. It is difficult enough for most people to choose what their need. How to choose the right one? That question always appears when people are going to buy it. You don’t need a thousand brushes. All you need are correctly shaped pieces and multitasking ones.

4 Makeup Brushes that Beginners Should Have

For most people that know make up well, they will be easy to choose the right brushes. On the other hand, it is confusing enough for a beginner to choose the appropriate one as all makeup brushes look alike. There are two types of brush based on its bristle. They are synthetic and natural bristle. Synthetic bristle is made of nylon. It is shiny, colorful, and water resistance. Meanwhile, natural bristle uses animal fur. It commonly uses squirrel, rabbit, horse, goat, and pig. Moreover, it has dull color and cheaper. But, in some case, it can cause hypoallergenic. It may happen for those who have sensitive skin. After knowing kinds of brush bristle, it is better for you to know your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, do not use the natural brushes.

As beginners, here are 4 makeup brushes you should have. First, you should have foundation brush. Considering the importance of foundation, the brush is strict should be had. Choose the small dome and not flat brush. It will be easy to use and skin-friendly. It is also working well to brush at your nose and mouth. Second, get your own concealer brush. It is okay for you to apply concealer with your fingers, but it takes much time. Choose a not too big brush with a little dome. A good concealer brush should work well for under eyes, nose, and other facial parts.

Third, you should have powder brush. It is one of makeup brushes you should have. Choose multitask one that can be used to many different powder products. Commonly, people choose large domed powder brush, but you can also choose the tapered one. You must pay your pressure in using this stuff. If you press it too much, it may give you too much powder too. It is not okay for your appearance. Fourth, you should own an angle brush. It is also important to choose the multitask one. You can use an angle brush to fill in your eyebrows, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. A good one is a sharp-edged brush. It works well with cream and powder products so that you can use it for everything.

The last, but not least is a blush on the brush. Choose the puffy and not too small one. You can choose the diagonal or angled brush. This stuff is used to spread blush on your cheek. Now, you are ready to do makeup quite well with just those five makeup brushes. Happy trying!