Makeup Application to Make You Flawless

Makeup Application to Make You Flawless

Makeup application is a must for every woman in the world. It gives woman a kind of confidence to cover her imperfection. It is a must not only for lifestyle, but also for woman’s need. There are several ways of makeup, ranging from simple for everyday look and complex for special event. Moreover, there are some basic kinds of makeup you should know to give the perfect result for your face. They are moisturizer, foundation, primer, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow and lipstick. However, you have to remember that do not put too much makeup as you will look like a clown in front of others.

The Steps to Set Flawless Makeup Application

There are lots of beauty products you can choose to set makeup application, but thing you have to note is to choose the right products which match to your skin type. A mistake of choosing makeup products will effect of skin problem, such as acne, black spot or blemishes. Here steps you can follow to make your skin look flawless everyday with makeup coverage.

First step of makeup application is washing your face before applying makeup. It has function to refresh your skin from oil and dust. Give soft massage to your face to manage the blood circulation the rinse it with cold water. Wipe your face with soft and dry towel or tissue. Just remember do not ever rub your face. You just need to tap it. Second, apply moisturizer to make your skin glowing and fresh.

Third, hide the dark circle under eyes. To coverage eye bags, blemishes or dark circle, you need to apply concealer. Choose creamy concealer that matches to your skin, or you can choose a bit brighter concealer than your tone. Apply and blend it with soft brush or finger. Fourth, go to base makeup with foundation. To get perfect result, choose foundation based on your skin type. Apply it with brush, beauty blender or finger. For your information, sensitive skin can also apply lighter BB or CC cream.

Fifth, use loses powder to avoid glossy look by tapping it with the sponge or brush on your cheek, brow and chin evenly to complete makeup application. Sixth, go to eyes by brushing the eyebrow and use eyebrow pencil to reinforce your face. Then put eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara for your eyelashes to sharpen eye makeup and show your character. Seventh, use bronzer and shimmer on your cheek bone and nose to counter your face. Do not forget to put blush on cheek to fresh you. Choose pink or peach blush to give a natural look.

The last step is lipstick to show your feminine side. At first, put lip balm to moist your lips. It aims to ease lipstick application. You can also use lip pencil to shape the lips line. To give natural look, choose soft lipstick color first and then apply bright color, such as red or orange. Now, you can enjoy your day by applying flawless makeup application.