Know Your Skin Type to Get Beauty Skin

Know Your Skin Type to Get Beauty Skin

Most women have high expectation for having beautiful skin. The term beauty skin is described as one of condition to be a beautiful woman. For the basic meaning, it defines the skin with smooth tone, deep lines, no dehydration, natural, clear, and so on. The main point to have beautiful skin is by having the capability to maintain it well. This includes the good maintain of skin acid or known as pH balance. It stands for potential hydrogen. The cells with good pH balance are able to maintain the elasticity of skin. It can also have the capability of water holding. To be able to maintain beauty skin, we should know first about our skin types. Different types surely need different treatment.

Beauty Skin: Types and How to Treat It

As the time goes by, the human skin can change. There are several factors that affect the skin types such as oil content, sensitivity level, and water content which can affect the skin elasticity. The common types of skin are divided into five categories. They are normal, oily, sensitive, dry, and combination type of skin. Normal skin has good circulation with smooth skin tone. It is neither too oily nor dry. To treat this type of skin is not as hard as other four types.

Moreover, oily skin can produce a lot amount of oil than what the skin needs. It can be caused by some factors such as genetic, hormone levels, diet, and so on. This skin has thick complexion and produce large pores. This condition can be worse because of stress factor, too much exposure to heat or imbalance hormone level. In order to get beauty skin, people with oily skin type should know that it must be treated using gentle cleanser. Do not pop the pimples in face and do not scrub it when using the cleanser. Remember to wash the face not more than twice in a day.

In addition, sensitive skin has the characteristic to be easily irritated or inflamed. It needs more attention to take care this skin. Choosing the right skin care for sensitive one could be crucial thing. If you have this type of skin, you need to know your triggers to avoid them.

The next is dry skin. It has the characteristic of having less elasticity. It can become rough especially on the back of the arm, hand, and legs. The factor that can cause it is such as aging changes, the weather, some ingredients from soap, cosmetics, and etc. To get beauty skin, you should know the right treatment. You need to use creams that are rich with moisturizer after take a bath. Then, set indoor temperature in normal level. Never scrub your skin while bathing.

The last skin type is combination one. This skin has characteristic of being shiny. People with combination skin type can have normal and dry skin in some body parts, but the other areas may be oily. In this case, the use of sunscreen cream that is able to block sun rays is the best choice to get beauty skin.