How to Apply Makeup Step by Step for Beginners

How to Apply Makeup Step by Step for Beginners

Makeup can completely change your look and build your confidence, but for beginners, the application can be very hard. But you don’t need to worry, these easy and simple tips about how to apply makeup for beginners will make you learn fast.

Step by Step Guide To Makeup Ideas

The first of all the things that you need is that prepare your skin. It’s so important to apply makeup on a fresh and clean skin. The basic things you can do is cleansing your skin using eye makeup remover, using toner on cotton wool, and then applying moisturizer. Find the right one for your precious skin.

Second, choose a foundation. How to apply makeup with the right foundation? You need to consider about its shade, coverage, and finish. You can apply various shades to your hand and observe the colors in natural light to ensure you pick the right one. For your information, the right shade for your complexion is one color that disappears. Choose a foundation with a light coverage. To protect your skin from sunlight, use the one that has SPF. Matte finish suits to oil skin, while dewy suits to dry skin, and satin suits to most skin types. Consider yours!

Third, what you need to learn about how to apply makeup is concealer. Concealer is a great way to hide something like blemishes and skin imperfections. You can apply the concealer to your face problem areas with a small brush and pat with your finger to blend. The concealer comes in various forms such as cream, liquid, and stick. However, most of you need just two or one for your under eyes and imperfections.

Fourth, applying blush to your skin. Blush have various types, and you should get one that suits your skin tone. Moreover, you also need to consider what look you want to get. Use a pink shade for daylight, and how to apply makeup for a flawless evening look by bringing out the bronzer. Be sure you blend the blush to the top towards the hairline and then downwards. If you want to get intensive color, just repeat it the motion until you reach what color you want.

Fifth, that is lipstick. There are countless pretty colors of lipstick you can pick out. Which one looks great on you that can bring it on and highlight the fullness? Before you try some, it is quite important to prepare the lips by moisturizing it with a chap stick. Pick a lipstick shade which similar to your natural lip color, if you have a kind of chap and dry lip. Do you have a good lip condition? Try whatever! Why not try out several shades and see which one suit for you? However, red is always to be every women’s favorite. Remember if you want to apply a darker shade, use a lip liner as always. How to apply makeup with a glossy effect? Finish it with a layer of lip-gloss. You’ll get a flawless makeup.