Holiday Season Makeup Ideas

Holiday Season Makeup Ideas

Most women think that the best part of holiday besides food is dressing up for parties. Holidays are about fancy-pants, beautiful spots to go and a perfect look. It is a perfect time for having some bold eye makeup looks and trying some new shimmering shades. Moreover, it is also the time to execute that bold lip trend you have been seeing or draw an extra coat of mascara. These are some holiday season makeup ideas that will help you shine, bright, and sparkle.

Makeup Tutorials: How to Create a Stunning Look

If you are going to an evening holiday party, a smoky eye is a perfect choice to your makeup ideas. It makes you look more modern through exaggerating it with a dramatic shape like wings. You can use a scotch tape to make it neater. Try also the subtle brown smoky eyes. The smoky effect will be very subtle if you use a brown eye pencil and smudging it around the roots to the tips lash line. It will create a gorgeous softness to your eyes. To accentuate your eyelashes, you can make it in two ways. First, curl them by using a heated curler. Second, apply two layers of lengthening mascara from the upper to lower, or put a full band of false eyelashes on the upper and individual lashes on the bottom.

Remember that color coordinates your makeup ideas. Apply pink lipstick and pink eyeshadow to make your face glows. In addition, you can apply a touch of metallic eye shadow in order to draw attention to your eyes inner corners. You should use a shade that is close to your skin tone. Use champagne for fair skin, gold for olive skin, and try bronze eye shadow for those who have a dark skin tone.

For those who tend to be a shy person, keep it away from bold colors. Try to apply no makeup look with a creamy moisturizer, and glossy neutral lip colors to create your holiday party to be shinier. However, for you who want to look glamorous but natural, try a glossy with soft pink lip color. It could be put together with anything from no makeup looks to smoky eyes. Apply an intense highlighter to your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose. Then use a creamy moisturizer to get glowing on top of your makeup, in particular for cheeks and forehead. A glossy touch is used to highlight features on the nose tip and inner corners of your eyes.

For another makeup ideas, try to attract people’s attention with a bold blackberry lipstick at the holiday party. It will soften to an attractive matte color over time. To create a sophisticated look for your holiday party, try a cat-eye. You can use liquid eyeliner, apply it a thin line from your eyes corners to the iris close to the lash line then extend it just pass through the outer corners.

Last but not least, try to put makeup ideas with neutral colors on your face and eyes for a fast and easy holiday party look. Furthermore, color up your lips with a neon pink shade. This will work with all skin tones.