Your Healthy Hair, Your Pride

Your Healthy Hair, Your Pride

Having attractive appearance is very important. We need to pay attention to every single thing in our outlook. In addition, hair is one of the important parts of the body to be noticed. It is a human crown, moreover for female. Therefore, having healthy hair is people’s dream.

Hints and Tips to Getting Healthy Hair

Our activities sometimes make our hair bad, especially when we do the outdoor activities. As a human being, we do many activities indoor and outdoor. It is better for us to work indoor to keep our healthy hair. However, we need to be professional if having an outdoor job. Sun, dust, and the wind can give the bad effect for our hair. In fact, many people being stressed by having unhealthy hair. The reason is they will not be confident. So, it is very important for us to treat our hair.

Have you ever pull out your hair? Do you see something white on the root? Don’t think that this is a sign of healthy hair. The white spot is fat. If your scalp contains too much fat, it will make you have oily hair. If it happens to you, it will be easy for dust or dirt to mix with. The result is dandruff. It sounds unbelievable, but yeah that’s the fact.

Now, check your own hair. If it fulfills these hints, it means that you have healthy hair.

  • Soft texture

The strong hair can be moved easily because the texture is soft.

  • Healthy scalp

It all begins with a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp contains at least three hair shafts. It will make our hair looks thick. On the other hand, if each of scalp pore only contain less than three hair shaft, it will make the hair look thinner. Moreover, the unhealthy scalp will make your head bald.

  • Normal hair loss

Normally, people lose 50-100 hairs a day. However, unhealthy hairs will loss more than 100 strands a day.

  • Shiny

Healthy hair will reflect the light and people call it as shiny hair.

  • React to moisture

Unhealthy hair will swell when exposed to air humidity, while the healthy one tends to be dropped.

  • Elastic

For your information, hair is elastic as skin. The healthy and strong hair is not easily broken. Meanwhile, the unhealthy one is certainly not elastic anymore. It is commonly caused by vitamin deficiency.

Now, you know that signs. Do you have unhealthy hair? Don’t be afraid. This several tips will guide you to get the health back.

  1. Choose the right shampoo

All shampoos have detergents that decrease the natural oil and color from hair. The most important thing in choosing shampoo is a type that says the damage is repairing on the label and has protein to strengthen the hair. Therefore, check your shampoo before using it.

  1. Change your washing routine

Do you wash your hair every day? It will make your hair dry. Washing it too often will decrease the oils scalp that keeps your hair shiny and healthy. The best time to wash your hair is three or four times a week. Give your hair break to restore its balance.

  1. Use special treatment

Having healthy hair is not difficult. You can use egg yolk, olive mask, and yoghurt as a hair mask. It contains omega 3, anti-oxidant, and cholesterol that will be effective to support the health of your hair.

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