Fat Around the Belly? Try this Special Drink Before Going to Bed

Fat Around the Belly? Try this Special Drink Before Going to Bed

Not always food, but drink and other beverages can also be used as an effective way to remove belly fat and decrease the weight. Some glasses of water indeed must be written on the list of the menu for anyone who is going on a diet. But the perfect diet may be achieved by consuming something unique, delicious and helpful. The drink must increase the metabolism and reduce the weight quickly without giving so many efforts in physical exercise. Hormones could be the reason behind your feeling and attitude, such as why you sad, why you happy, etc. Boosting hormones are believed can melt fat quickly. Change the hormonal condition can actually release some extra pounds.

Since hormones play significant roles toward your mental and body, you need to consume a special drink consisting of anti-stress properties that would reduce stress. These properties are found in basil, orange, and ginger. Someone gains weight and fat due to several reasons and being under the stress is one of them. By consuming these three ingredients every day, the stress disorders can be solved. Not only to get the ideal body shape, stomach problems can also be cured by drinking this special drink. It focuses on the digestive system to work properly. Indigestion, acidity, constipation, and excess fat are instances of problems that this drink can treat.

There is a reason why you should consume this drink just several hours before going to bed. When laying down your head and start to fall asleep, the drinks takes its time to increase the metabolic functions significantly and also lose weight in a very natural way.

Things to prepare:

8 basil leaves

3 cups water

1 orange

1 teaspoon of grated ginger

Ice cubes (you can omit it if don’t like)

Things to do:

The basil leaves have to be chopped and the orange needs to be squeezed. Don’t forget to have an extra ginger. All these ingredients then must be poured into the water. Stir them well.


image’s source: brightside.me