Face Makeup Guidance for Teenagers

Face Makeup Guidance for Teenagers

Teenager is one of the most cheerful parts in every people life. It is also the complicated one, especially for girl. “Which dress will suit me well?” “How can I get the right face makeup?” Those are the difficult questions for teenagers to answer. They love to try new things that they  never do before. It will be very awkward if they use makeup inappropriately. This article will help you, especially for teenagers to apply natural face makeup.

Practical Guidance to Get Natural Face Makeup

Many things should be learned by teenagers before applying makeup. Getting the right makeup will make you look pretty and attractive. On the other hand, if you get it wrong, you can look older and weird. Thing to be noticed in applying makeup is your face character. If you have strong character, it is better for you to leave light-colored eye shadow, shading, and many more.

For more detail, here are the face makeup tips for teenagers. First, prepare your face. Make sure it is clean. Removing oil and dirt on your face will make you easier to apply makeup. Wash your face with warm water. It is better to use face wash. Then pat your face with tissue or soft fabric. Next, apply moisturizer cream to your face. It will keep the skin moist. It is work well for dry skin. Wait for two minutes for it to soak in.

Furthermore, add concealer. Don’t we need foundation? As teenagers, you already have beautiful skin. You don’t need foundation as face makeup. If you want to apply it, less is more. All you need is concealer. It helps you to cover eye bags, blemishes, red spots, and many more. The best way in choosing concealer is considering your basic skin tone. Smear concealer around your dark eye bags and red spots. Fuse gently by using brush or simply your finger. Add powder to cover your concealer then spread it gently.

Do we need to powder up all of our face? Like foundation, powder is not that necessary to be used to young skin. It will cover up your natural glow. Moreover, don’t forget to play with your eyes. Give them the right face makeup to make a fresh sensation. Comb your eyebrows, apply eyeliner, brush mascara and use eye shadow. You can use brow brush to comb your eyebrows. It will make them look neat and growing in the correct way. In applying eyeliner, choose the soft-colored one and use it a bit.

Brushing mascara is important as it will darken your lashes. However, be careful on doing it. In using eye shadow, choose the natural one for your everyday look. Use eye shadow brush to apply it. Last but not least is applying lip gloss. It gives teenagers a natural color. Choose soft pink or tan. Those are five tips of face makeup for teenagers. Remember, you are beautiful in the way you are. Don’t use make up to much because it will dull your natural beauty. Have a nice experiment!