Eyeshadow Make-up Idea for Formal Occasions at Night

Eyeshadow Make-up Idea for Formal Occasions at Night

As a woman, you must have a strong desire to look adorable while attending any special occasion, mustn’t you? Actually, being special for any particular occasions could be done by you simply. However, of course, it couldn’t be separated from the right makeup idea. Related to make-up, what eyeshadow idea to apply if you are going to attend any formal party at night? Principally, the way you dress up and apply the makeup style should be adjusted according to the occasion where you would go.

The Combination of Bright and Dark Grey Eyeshadow to Look Elegant at Night Party

Applying makeup to attend any events at day should be different with attending the events which held at night. Talking about makeup style, eyeshadow is the main part of it that would let you have a special look for being the center of attention in any circumstances. Well, as a great idea for you, the first thing that should come up to your mind is considering about the right color to apply on your eyes.

Nowadays, there are so many great choices of color styles that you could adopt. It depends on which styles you want to show off through the brushed colors on the eyes. Well, if you are planning to attend any formal party at night, it could be great to show a bit dark yet elegant eyes makeup anyway. In other words, you should not hesitate in using a bit dark bold, challenging colors combination such as dark and bright gray to put on your eyes. The dark one supposed to perform the bold makeup character of your eyes and the bright one will let you have the right color combination to perform the elegant style at once.

Applying this eyeshadow style requires you to use two color types only. That’s why it could be considered as the classic eyes makeup idea. But anyway, the combination of dark and bright gray color is actually the right idea to perform the elegant brushed coloring eyes. That’s the reason why this brushed coloring eyes style is the appropriate one for showing classic yet elegant style that put on your lovely eyes.

The things that you need to spread over this eyeshadow style are so simple which detailed as follows:

  • Eyes shadow brush
  • Bright gray colored eye shadow
  • Dark gray colored eye shadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Black mascara

The first thing to do is applying the bright gray colored eye shadow along the eyelid. Then, after your eyelid is covered perfectly by the bright gray, now it’s the time to put on the dark gray on the outer edge of your eyelid up to the center of it only. Let the inner edge of the eyelid stays in bright gray. Do not forget to brush the different color between the bright and the dark, so that it could be swept over appropriately.

The last but not least finishing touch to do is to sharpen your eye using black eyeliner both on the top and bottom of your eye frame. Besides, spread over the black mascara on your eyelashes and you will see how classic yet elegant eyeshadow that performed through your lovely beautiful face. It is quietly simple to do at home on your own without going to the beauty salon like what other women used to do. Furthermore, you could choose sparkling black long dress with Sabrina neck combined with glossy black heels. Good luck, then!

source: answers.yahoo.com