Eye Makeup Ideas for Beginners

Eye Makeup Ideas for Beginners

Today, wearing eye makeup is important for every single woman. It will boost her appearance to catch everyone’s attention. In addition, someone will look more attractive and stunning because eyes are the most lovable part of the body. If you are a beginner and still want to learn how to catch every single eye, you need to know the basic tips and trick. Basically, it consists of eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow tips. So, there is no further reason for you just to look ordinary without adding some attractive makeup. Below are several easy to follow tips and tricks for beginners.

The first eye makeup idea is about eyeliner. The first thing you need to have the very first place is a makeup remover, especially for eyes because this will help you when you make an error in applying makeup. After that, make sure that you have easy-to-apply eyeliner. In 2016, there are several eyeliner options for beginners. You can choose the one with a sharp brush if you are likely to have liquid eyeliner. The sharp and steady brush will help you in applying the makeup. Or, if you lack time, you can still use pencil eyeliner with different colors such as brown and black.

After having your own eyeliner, you need to practice over and over. It is kind of hard for a beginner to apply this eye makeup. At least, keep your eyes open while you are applying for the eyeliner and look straight in the mirror. Just make sure that you apply the eyeliner as close to the lash line. As stated before, use pencil eyeliner if you want to get smoky eyes impression. Practice applying this for several times will help you meet your best result.

The next thing from eye makeup is about mascara. You need to apply it from the root of your lashes. This will prevent you from weighing your eyes. It will also give you enough volume of lashes. Besides, if you are afraid of smudging the makeup, put a tissue paper right under your eyes. Moreover, in case curling your lashes, make sure that you use eyelash curler when the mascara is still in semi-wet and not dry mode. You also need to swirl mascara before curling it to make it lasts longer. Practice applying it step by step and do not be in a rush. Find your best result before applying for the next makeup.

The last thing is about applying eye shadow. In applying it, you need to take an attention in make it starting from eye base up to the brow bone. Spread to all of the area carefully. Use only the high quality of brushes as it will affect to the blend of the eye shadow. If you want a bold look of eyes, you can apply the eyelid pencil before applying for eye shadow as your eye makeup. If you want a last longer eye shadow, the use of eye pencil will also help you as well as it will create smoky eyes look

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