The Definition of Beauty around the World

The Definition of Beauty around the World

The definition of beauty has a different standard from one country to another. They can vary from the different culture in the world. Generally, a woman with a thin body and brighter skin seems to be considered as beautiful. However, since beauty defines itself in various standards, this perception will be no longer applied to define a woman with beauty look. Apart from the inner and outer beauty that often become discussion material to define beautiful woman, in this matter lets us find out what beauty is defined in several different countries below.

Several Definitions of Beauty from Different Countries

In the United States of America, women are defined as beautiful if they are thin and tall with an elegant look. This standard is applied to celebrity or models standard. Since America has so many different kinds of people, the definition of beauty itself can be varied. However, they commonly have the same thought of beauty. It is that if someone was not born with natural beauty, it can be created through several ways that make you look nicer. In America, sometimes a woman who has big buttocks is considered as beautiful, rather than skinny girls. It can be gained through some healthy message.

The definition of beauty in South Korea also differs from the one in the United States. Many people in this country have no doubt in making the decision to undergo plastic surgery to improve their look. Most of them are a lack of tanning. They have lighter skin like pale. According to its history, people who have pale skin represent the wealth as well compared to the tanned one who considered like a peasant that has outdoor works. Moreover, Korean people also define double eyelids as beauty. It represents that someone with double eyelids is attractive. In fact, they even have eye lift to get this double eyelid. Having V line for the face is also another definition they use for beauty which is included as essential beauty.

Furthermore, the definition of beauty in India will be represented by wearing a decorative dress. Most women there wear colorful saris as their traditional clothes. They even have nose rings and henna to be defined as the beautiful woman. The beauty standard is indeed different from those countries above. This beauty is rather close to the traditional culture they have. The Indian woman are also popular with their long hair and gorgeous look.

In France, beauty is defined as glamor and elegant look, but not too flashy. They also do not tend to use a lot of makeup. In England, beauty is defined as tall, slim, and well-toned. Due to American culture, recently beauty is also defined as having big breast and buttocks. Women in England said they feel more confident when applying makeup. Moreover, in Japan, beauty is defined by having straight hair texture. They use flat ironing to help to straighten the hair. The Beautiful woman has the different definition from one place to another. The definition of beauty in one country may not work in another one due to the different culture. With the different definition, it can be said that beauty is unique.