How to Choose a Perfect Makeup Foundation for Your Skin

How to Choose a Perfect Makeup Foundation for Your Skin

For you, a newbie on makeup, wearing foundation may seem to make you feel uncomfortable for the first time. However, you don’t need to worry because there are countless brands, tools, variations, and ways to apply it. Foundation is a product of cosmetics that has a function like a base. It also prepares your face for the application of makeup. Makeup foundation helps to cover light blemishes and scars. However, it does not cover all the blemishes by itself. It needs a concealer as well.

Makeup Foundation Types

Makeup foundation is applied to your whole face and neck to get a uniform complexion. In addition, it not only makes the skin tone uniform but also improves a shine to the skin texture so it looks younger and healthier. You need to pick what makeup foundation that fits your skin type. It is the most important step to achieving the look that you want to be. You should know what types of foundation available on the marketplace. Let’s take a look!

The first is a cake or stick foundation. It comes in a solid form seems like cream-to-powder in a stick. It tends to thicker than powder. It typically goes dry fast and makes a matte finish to your face. It can be used as a replacement of concealer as it effectively covers your skin flaws and blemishes. This type of foundation suits to oily skin. The second is a powder foundation. It is available in loose powder form and pressed powder form as well. This type of makeup foundation is very dry without moisture. It will work perfectly for you who do not usually wear makeup.

Moreover, it’s easy to be applied and give you a natural look. Additionally, it is applied to fix the makeup. This is good for oily skin. The third is a liquid foundation. It is one of popular choice because it’s lightweight and easy to put on the face. It blends well when taking moisture within the skin. It can be matte, sheer, or moisturizing. Matte and sheer are oil-free. This is the best one that truly long last and stay put. Most of the liquid foundations are thin and dry fast, so you need to blend it quickly. This makeup foundation type suits almost all skin types.

The fourth is waterproof foundation. It is the most preferred one to be applied in humid, rainy or even very hot season. You may sweat more when in hot and humid weather, so it makes your makeups wear-off easily and quickly. It also happens in the rainy season because it can easily whip away your makeup. Waterproof foundation is a perfect choice. This water-resistant product comes in cream and liquid forms,

In addition, this product is easy to apply and make your skin fresh. It can be applied to all skin types. Remember for those who have an oily skin, you should go with oil free liquid while those with a dry skin should look for a cream one. Each makeup foundation has different variations and functions. They are produced to support your different skin types. If you are still having difficulties to find your best, read and watch some makeup reviews.

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