Chemical versus Natural Skincare

Chemical versus Natural Skincare

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects us from microbes, regulates body temperature, and acts as a sense of touch. Considering the importance of skin, many skin care clinics are blooming nowadays. Many methods used by them to give the satisfaction of clients. The most popular ones are chemical and natural skincare. As information, skin formed by three layers. They are epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. Epidermis is the outermost layer of skin. Dermis is the middle layer. Meanwhile, hypodermis is the deepest layer of our skin. Skin tone is not a big problem as beauty is not defined by color. If you have healthy skin, it means that you are beautiful. You have your own beauty and people called it as natural beauty.

Chemical or Natural Skin Care? Which is better?

Most people think that the higher the price of skin care product, the better its result. It’s not totally true. How are you supposed to reach beauty? Which one do you choose; natural or chemical skin care? Are you sure with your own path?

Let’s make discussion. If you had given two skin care products, chemical and natural one, which one would you choose? To answer this question, you need to understand the differences between them. Do you know the difference between chemical and natural skincare? This article will expose some points between two most-common skin treatments.

Chemical skin care products are made up of different kinds of chemical and synthetic ingredients.  Commonly, the products smell good and feel good when we use it. You will feel something better on your skin. It will keep your skin moist and protected. In contrast to natural skincare, after long-term usage, they will feel something wrong on your skin. It is because of the chemical contains that causing allergy. You might get skin allergy, irritation, etc. Chemical skin care is also causing premature aging that exhausts your skin, acne, and blemish. After now the fact, do you want to keep using chemical based products?

Natural skincare products are made up from non-artificial ingredients like herbs, roots, flowers, and essential oils. Some also use animal substances. They have a powerful antioxidant that effectively prevent the aging process and create a younger looking skin. A natural product is toxic-free, and it sustains a deeply healthy for long-term usage with your skin. However, we need to be selective in choosing natural products. Some of them are still made with silicones that can damage our skin. It uses silicones because it is cheap and gives more profit for the factory. Before using the skin care, you need to make sure that they are pure natural products.

In addition, you also can make your own natural skincare at home by using natural materials. Let say, a masker from coffee, scrub from fruits essence, green tea spa, etc. It is cheap and effective.  So, have you decided which product will be used? However, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to consult your doctor first before applying any skin treatment.

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