Best Makeup Technique for Gothic Styled Female Teenagers

Best Makeup Technique for Gothic Styled Female Teenagers

Not all girls love performing the feminine side of her. Well, actually everyone is free to choose any style to be their own favorite style ever. If you are one of the hundreds of boyish female teenagers who love showing the young beauty through gothic style, then you are truly cool, really. Here it is the best makeup technique that will guide you performing the coolest prettiest gothic style that you’d love to.

Best Makeup Tips to do your Gothic Style at Home

If you are a lovely talented female teenager who joined in a favorite rock band at the college, and maybe at the same time you are fortunate will have the show in the near future, of course, you are probably looking for the best step by step guidance of doing the best makeup by your own, right? Since makeup techniques developed in so many sophisticated ways, how to do your makeup at home becomes easier and easier to do including to makeup yourself in gothic style.

So, if you think that gothic makeup could be done in the beauty salons only, now after reading this article, you would think that it is no necessary at all for going to salons just for styling yourself in that look. By the way, to do your own best makeup using this style is not as complicated as you thought before. Here it is the easy step by step guidance for you, keep reading then.

Principally, you would not need such bright and sweet colored makeup products for doing this best makeup style. As you know, gothic will require you to have dark colored makeup cosmetic stuff such as black eye shadow, black eyeliner, and mascara, and of course, dark maroon colored lipstick. However, if you think that only applying black makeup color scheme is boring, it will be fine actually to combine it using dark navy colored eye shadow. The appliance of false gothic style eyelashes, of course, could be great for performing the lovely dramatic eyes look.

Besides, different with applying makeup for any other ordinary styles, you will use black or dark navy colored eye shadow on the whole entirely area of your eyelid. Besides, do not forget to frame your beautiful smoky eyes using thick formed black eyeliner. For addition, you could even wear dark purple soft lens to support the beauty smoky gothic eyes look more perfect and nice. In applying the best makeup tips, do not forget to use dark maroon lip color as it already told you once.

Of course, it is not able to be said as perfect gothic makeup if it does not combine with the right hairstyle. As your reference, you could mix this best makeup look with a straight bang and front hair whereas styling your back hair in curly style. After all, you could even wear such spooky accessories such as skull necklace or spiky bracelet for instance. Now, you are ready to rock on, girl!