Beauty Salon Equipment List

Beauty Salon Equipment List

If you are going to build your own salon, there must be a set of beauty salon equipment list you need as a reference. As you know, a beauty salon is a place where women can get their beauty enhancement which includes some treatments such as facial, manicure, hair treatment, skin treatment, body treatment and so on. It is important for you to know the start-up package whenever you are deciding to open your new salon. Below are some important things you need to have, so your services won’t disappoint your customers the first time they visit your beauty enhancement place.

Must Have Items of Beauty Salon Equipment

  1. Brush and comb

The first important item is the square brush. This is a must have an item of beauty salon equipment as this is actually the basic stuff you need to have. This item will help you deal with any treatment regarding the hair. The second thing you need to have is rat tail comb. Indeed, this item will also help you to have a perfect hairdressing. This small little thing will help you dealing with tiny details about having a hair treatment. The related item you also need to have is wide-toothed comb. There are several types of this comb which will help you to solve curly and straight hair problem.

The other beauty salon equipment which is important for hairdressing is the list of the comb. There are many kinds of brushes including paddle brush, two vent brushes, two smoothing brushes, thermal brush, two-tail combs rake hair brushes and combs. These things are totally important as a list of start-up package for hairdressing.

  1. Electronic grooming equipment

This is also important for you to consider. The list of electronic grooming equipment such as trimming scissors, hair clippers, hair dryer, barber scissors, curling iron, ridged curling iron, big barrel curler, and hair straightener are totally vital. You can get these items easily in local electronic stores even you can buy them online. This list of beauty salon equipment can help you a lot to serve better treatment to your customers.

  1. Hair care products

After providing and supplying hair care stuff, you also need to supply several professional hair care products in order to give the better services. This kind of supplies will also help you to get higher income as the result will also be satisfied. Some products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, wigs, hair extensions, hair straightening and perming kits, serums, mousse, hair dyes, and styling gel are essentials. You also need to be consistent in providing the brands of the products since it will affect your beauty salon reputation.

  1. Furniture

The last but not least, you also need to provide complete furniture to support your treatment needs. This furniture also belongs to beauty salon equipment. You need to provide reception desk, waiting chairs, hair styling chairs, hair styling station, and also trolley and charts. If you want more, you can also add facial station and its furniture. That will be indicators of the high-quality beauty salon.

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