Beauty Hair Treatments from Nature

Beauty Hair Treatments from Nature

There’s no need to spend lots of money on your hair treatments or fancy conditioners. Actually, eggs, yogurt, and honey are stuff you can find on your refrigerator. You can even consume them as a tasty breakfast. Now, we will use them to be hair treatment ingredients which are inexpensive and all natural. They aren’t the only one. Did you know that the oil in avocado more closely resembles to your skin’s oil than any others? Keep continue reading, you’ll find more natural beauty hair treatments that may surprise you.

Homemade Beauty Hair Treatments: All-Natural to Save Your Money

Did you know that raw egg is surely the best component for hair treatment? It fits to all hair types. Moreover, egg yolk is rich in fats and proteins that naturally moisturizing you hair. Meanwhile, the white has bacteria contents-eating enzymes to take away unwanted oils.  If your hair is normal, you can use the entire egg for conditioning the hair. If you have oily hair, simply take the white. If yours is dry, use the egg yolk to moisturize it.  You will get a beauty hair you’ve been dreaming. For your information, the whole egg and yolks treatments can be applied only once a month, while whites can be applied every two weeks.

A styling process will be damaged your hair like air pollution. However, you don’t need to worry because dairy products such as plain yogurt and sour cream can help reverse this damage. The lactic acid gently peels grime and the milk fat will moisturizes it. Take a half cup of plain yogurt or sour cream then damp your hair, massage it, and wait until 20 minutes. Moreover, rinse your hair with warm water after that cool water then use shampoo that you usually used. This beauty hair treatment can be applied once a week.

For sun-damaged hair, you can simply use honey. It is actually a natural humectant. It means that honey can attract and lock in moisture. Take a half cup honey, and then massage it into the clean and damp hair. Wait around twenty minutes. Rinse it with warm water. In addition, you can add olive oil as well. For those who have an extremely sun-damaged hair, you can mix honey with one or two tablespoons of protein-rich component such as avocado or egg yolk. It will help you to replace the keratin protein bonds because of UV rays. Take this beauty hair treatment once a month.

Do you have a problem with an itchy scalp? Here’s your solution. Use lemon juice and olive oil combination in your hair. The acidity in lemon juice aids to take your scalp away of any loose, dry flaky skin while the olive oil moisturizes your scalp. The last beauty hair treatment is for oily or greasy hair. Use an inexpensive way to remove it by applying cornmeal or cornstarch. You can simply pour one tablespoon cornmeal or cornstarch into an empty salt shaker and then sprinkle it to your dry hair and scalp. It can be applied every day.