Beauty Care Tips for Healthy Skin

Beauty Care Tips for Healthy Skin

Wrinkle is one of the famous facial skin problems that commonly occur to older women. The following beauty care tips will show you several methods you can use to prevent most of skin problems, including wrinkles. In the market, you will be able to find several lotions and medications that are able to cure those skin problems. However, most dermatologists do not recommend those skin cares. The products are not only expensive, but also might potentially bring side effects. Fortunately, the tips bellow is inexpensive. Since all of them is recommended by experts, you do not have to be worried for the side effects.

Beauty Care Tips Recommended by Dermatologist

Water plays important role on beauty care tips, especially to promote healthy skin. In order to maintain fresh skin condition, consuming 8 – 10 glass of water each day is recommended. Water is able to remove toxin from body system. Additionally, it also keeps the skin hydrated. Keeping skin moisture can also be done by avoiding direct sun exposure as it is not only reduces skin moisture, but also makes it dry. Dry skin is the main source of premature aging and wrinkles. Make sure to cover your skin with long sleeves to prevent direct contact of the sun. This simple way allows skin to keep its elasticity.

Besides using water to hydrate your body, you can also use it to wash your face regularly. One of the best beauty care tips recommended by experts is washing face. This process is not only provides moisture to facial skin, but also remove pollutant on face. Cold water is recommended to be used to wash your face in the morning. Meanwhile, lukewarm water should be used before going to bed. After the whole day activity, pollutant might clog up on facial pores. Additionally, cosmetic used also potentially creates acne. Lukewarm water is able to widen up facial pores. Therefore, it will let both pollutant and cosmetic out of facial pores.

At night, human skin need to rest as well. Enough sleeping is one of the beauty care tips you should know. Sleeping relaxes human muscle and skin. If you do overnight activity, your skin might not be able to rest well. In order to prevent harmful situation happen to your skin, you need to avoid stress. Both stress and insufficient sleeping are two main reasons of premature aging. Those conditions encourage your body to produce hormone that potentially makes your face looks older than it actually is.

If you want to maintain your healthy skin condition, dermatologists suggest the healthy lifestyles. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided. Smoking might cause your skin looks greasy. Meanwhile, alcohol reduces hydration level on your body. In addition, exercise is the best way to release dangerous toxin on body system. Natural food consists of fruit and vegetable are also good for skin. Vitamin E helps skin to regenerate dead cells faster. Several beauty care tips also recommend both Vitamin A and Vitamin D as well. Those vitamins have ability to protect your skin from dangerous sun exposure.