Applying Tips for Eye Makeup

Applying Tips for Eye Makeup

Eyes become one of important body parts that should be noticed in makeup. Some of the women find the difficulties in applying eye makeup. Actually, making this is easy. You just have to know the secret. Read this article to find very simple eye makeup tips.

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

One of the ways to look beautiful is by eye makeup. Your eyes will speak louder than you. So, always give the right makeup every time. You can change your outlook by changing your eye makeup. If you have slant-eyes, you can make it looks bigger. However, the most important thing is, how you can make your eyes to be naturally beautiful. There are four basics eye makeup tips. They are how to use eye shadow, how to apply eyeliner, how to brush mascara, and play with your eyebrow. Let starts by how to use eye shadow.

You should have eyeshadow first. This stuff will make your eyes look attractive. For beginners, you can try to use soft-color eye shadow; white, brown, gray, and black. There are two brushes that can be used for applying eyeshadow. You can use a flat brush to deposit it and the fluffy brush to blend the color. Choose small dome brush with a soft bristle. Commonly, people use one or two colors. You can start by eye primer or base and apply it all over the eye area. It is up to the brow bone. If you want to create smoky eyes, use creamy or brown.

Moreover, to make the color stands out, use white first before applying the other ones. It will make the colors pop out. In addition, to make eyes look brighter, you can also highlight the inner corner of eyes using a lighter color. Those are the tips and trick in applying eye shadow. Is is easy, right? The next eye makeup tips are the tips in using eyeliner. To make sharp-eye looks, you can use eyeliner. Here are some eye makeup tips for using this stuff.

There are many eyeliner products nowadays, including pencil, gel, liquid, and powder. For a beginner, it is better for you to use pencil or gel eyeliner. First, keep your eyes open. Always be careful in using it. Make your eyeliner as close as possible to your lash line. It will create a natural look. For smoky eyes style, use softer color and apply it on the eyelids. Brush it with your fingers to blend them all. The last eye makeup tips you should notice is the application of mascara. To make your eyelashes curve, use it properly. Start it from the roots of your eyelashes.

However, make sure that your mascara doesn’t clump on your eyelashes. Swirl it while pulling it out. It also keeps your mascara from drying. Place a tissue right under your lower lashes to prevent smearing your makeup if you are going to apply mascara on your lower lashes. Those are easy eye makeup tips you should try at home. Don’t be afraid to fail. Try it with your friends as evaluators.