Applying Makeup Tips to Last Longer on your Face

Applying Makeup Tips to Last Longer on your Face

Since a long time ago, women have been realizing about the greatness of makeup in helping them having much better look. There are so many makeup techniques today that could assist women to cover any shortfalls they have on the face perfectly. That is the reason why applying makeup becomes more and more popular among women worldwide. Talking about makeup techniques, some women are even able to conjure their chubby cheek to look thinner. Besides, the power of makeup also could help them to turn such pug nose into pointed nose. Well, what you should do to make the makeup last longer on your face?

Applying Makeup Trick to Last Longer on your Oily Skin Face

It could be troublesome if you have to retouch your makeup over and over again while attending any occasions, right? The makeup you used to spread over on your face actually could look fade and even gone when you are sweating. That’s why most women often go to the toilet for retouching their fade makeup. Such this matter actually could be solved by applying water proof product. It is good for you to know that waterproof makeup could last longer while applied on your face. However, even applying makeup which categorized as waterproof cosmetic, sometimes it’s still being overwhelming for women with oily skin type.

Waterproof makeup could last longer on women’s face if they have dry or normal skin type. But for those women with oily skin type, applying waterproof products could be such in vain. Impermeable makeup even could be faded and gone easily when applied on the oily face. So, what’s the trick of applying makeup to last longer for women with oily skin, then? Here it is the trick as your guidance:

  1. First of all, you shall choose strong long lasting makeup type. If the waterproof one could be faded and gone easily on the oily face of yours, of course ordinary makeup type could not stand it at all. Remember to choose the strong long lasting makeup products in any beauty stores near you.
  2. Use the oil-free primer makeup foundation as the basic step while starting applying your makeup. Spread it over on the most-oily parts of your face such as nose, forehead, and chin.
  3. Choose free oil contained ingredients of the makeup you are going to apply. Pick any powdery matte product is the right decision to do. Powdery type could absorb the produced oil on the surface of your face perfectly.
  4. Do not forget to always bring the greaseproof facial paper in your bag. Wiping the oily face using tissue is useless. The effective one to remove oil on your face is by using greaseproof facial paper. But remember not rub it on your face because it could damage your makeup. Just apply it gently on oily spots then press it a little longer.

As additional trick of applying makeup on oily skin, never forget to do facial treatment at beauty salon near you and choose special mask such as the ones which contains of bentonite mud or kaolin as those two substances have the great formula to treat the excessive oil on your face.