Ancient Beauty Health Secret

Ancient Beauty Health Secret

For centuries, beauty health habits have existed to make women look beautiful. In the ancient world, women took advantage the beauty secret from nature. The ancestors had formulated perfect ingredients for the health and beauty since many years ago. These beauty secrets were passed down through generations. Sometimes, it is used in beauty products these days, but some secrets have been forgotten or left. The secret ingredients for beauty from the ancient world are actually effective to maintain your body. Through history, we can learn this secret heritage for beauty health.

The Variety of Ancient Beauty Health Secret around the World

The symbol of rose had been used by Iranian women for their beauty routine. They used rose water to soften the skin. In the culture of Persian people, the rose was not only used as a symbol of beauty but also as a symbol of healing. Using water with a mix of about fifty percent rose oil which contains vitamin E and A will give the anti-inflammatory reaction for the body. We can use rose water in the morning to wipe our face. This can help protecting and hydrating the skin. Rose water was also used in ancient Greece to hydrate dry skin. It can keep Greece woman skin to be always smooth.

Besides rose water to hydrate the skin, beauty health secret from ancient Egypt is the use of olive oil and sesame oil. The woman there used these ingredients to maintain and moisturize their soft and smooth skin. Meanwhile, in ancient China, the hydration treatment that was used is pearls. They use pearl powder which rich of antioxidants for skin. In India, the treatment which was used to soften skin as well as enhance skin tone was not only rose water like in Persia, Iran, and Greece but also gram flour and milk.

The next beauty health secret from the ancient world is honey and milk. Honey is not only famous for being sweet as nutrients that can be consumed by the body, but also popular with its capability to hydrate the skin. In the ancient Egypt, honey was mixed with milk to create the face mask that can be used as a moisturizer. The benefits from milk were also used by Egyptian to take a bath. Milk bathing was believed to give the best skin treatment as it contains lactic acid to rejuvenate the skin.

Since years ago, Chinese people began to drink tea for the first time during the tenth century. The benefits of tea can give the best treatment for health and beauty. It is rich in antioxidants to treat troublesome skin. Some chemicals in green tea are found to have the ability in reviving died skin cells. We can drink a cup of tea every day to reduce a headache as well. The variety of tea which is well known with its antioxidant is green tea, black tea, and white tea. Another beauty health secret from ancient century is the use of lemon. This ingredient was used by Greece women to treat their hair. We can use lemon juice mixed with water to apply into our hair.

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