Affected Factors of Breast Cancer

Affected Factors of Breast Cancer

Hear the word of breast cancer
It makes me shudder and scared half to death.
Yaa, a disease that becomes the spectre scary for nearly all women are also most men.
A disease that could not be guessed
When and on whom she will hit. 🙁

Affected Factors of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the breast tissue with uncontrollable, some “possible causes of breast cancer are:

* Genetic Factors,
There are two types of genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) are highly likely as a risk. If the mother or female relatives suffered from breast cancer, then you likely have a breast cancer risk 2-fold compared to other women in her family there is not a single sufferer. This makes me a little scared because of the younger woman my mother have a history of cancer and one of whom is still struggling to recover

* The Age Factor,
The disease of breast cancer is increased by the age teenagers upwards. Recommended for adult women, especially married to familiarize yourself checked health conditions mainly breast and uterus to obstetrics expert

* The Food Factor
the consumption of fat and fast foods preservative plus the lack of cleanliness and diverse food

* Due to The Use of Drugs
For example, a woman who used the hormone drug replacement therapy Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) as Exogenous Hormones can cause an increase in risk will get breast cancer disease.

* Other factors suspected as the cause of breast cancer is; unmarried, married but had no children, gave birth to their first child after the age of 35, had never been lactating.

Some studies revealed that the disease of breast cancer is rising in people who often have a condition of stress (mental shake-up) and also for women who had previously undergone menstruation under the age of 11.

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