A Bedtime Drink for A Flat Tummy

A Bedtime Drink for A Flat Tummy

A Bedtime Drink for A Flat Tummy. When I was a child, my mommy always gives me a glass of milk when I am hard to sleep at night. She said drinking the milk before would help me to calm and with a full stomach, I would be easier to sleep. My mommy was right, but that won’t do any good again now. Working hard to get rid this big belly of mind, drinking milk before bed is definitely a big no. Fortunately, there’s a better and healthier alternative for before bedtime drink. It helps to relax and offers health benefits. It also helps to burn more belly fats.

This amazing bedtime drink recipe offers the goodness of fresh ingredients with rich of nutrients. The health benefits come from the antioxidant that kills fat cells, promotes fat burning, and remove impurities from the body system. It also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients promoting to eliminate excess fat and release toxins from metabolism system. This bedtime drink also enables alkaline state helping optimizing fat metabolism.

The best think about this night drink is all ingredients can be found in your kitchen. There’s no exotic ingredient at all and also, you can prepare it with minimum hassle. It only needs a half cup of pineapple, half lime, one lemon, half bunch of parsley, and a three-quarter glass of water. Juice all those ingredients together and pour it all into a glass of bedtime drink. That’s straightforward and easy even to prepare at night.

This bedtime drink is best to consume at least one hour before you go to bed. It is calming and refreshing and will make you easier to sleep. This drink offers very potent slimming ingredients that will help improving body metabolism to burn more fat. You will soon notice that your belly is getting slimmer and it won’t be too long before you can show flat tummy to everyone else.


image source: https://brightside.me